Committee involvement is a privilege of ULI membership. Learn more about our committees and how to get involved.


At the heart of ULI are our members and the organization is defined by what our members contribute to their communities, each other, and the real estate industry. A privilege of membership in ULI is that you can become involved in leadership opportunities by involvement in our local committees.

In addition to the Management Committee and YLG Management Committee, there are active sub-committees including Communications, Finance, Membership, Outreach, Programming and Sponsorship. ULI BC has also recently formed a special organizing committee for the upcoming ULI Spring Meeting to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia in April, 2014.

Communications Committee
Our Communications Committee provides marketing and PR support, and builds awareness of ULI British Columbia and its mission, and promotes its programs and events to the membership and the community through the website, social media, and other marketing and PR initiatives.

Finance Committee
The Treasurer and YLG Treasurer comprise the Finance Committee and provide oversight for the fiscal management of ULI BC, participate in the preparation and approval of the annual budget and forecasts, approve expenditures, and provide ULI BC with regular updates on ULI BC’s financial position.

Membership Committee
Our Membership Committee has responsibility for actively recruiting new members and developing strategies for reaching prospective members.

Outreach Committee
Our Outreach Committee is charged with reaching out to local organizations and bodies active in the real estate development and land use fields to promote ULI British Columbia and its mission, and to explore how ULI British Columbia may work with them on areas of common interest.

Programming Committee
The Programming Committee is responsible for the development of a diverse range of events and educational opportunities offered by ULI British Columbia, including cornerstone events like The City in 2050 series, the annual real estate outlook featuring the Emerging Trends in Real Estate report, and our informal monthly networking opportunity Gathering of Minds, and our Technical Advisory Panel program. Our YLG Programming team promotes the interests and educational opportunities of our younger members.

Sponsorship Committee
The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for recruiting and retaining our sponsors. Sponsorship is fundamental to the success of ULI British Columbia and our activities are made possible through the generous support of our sponsors.

In order to support our increasingly high profile events and day to day operations, ULI BC is currently looking for volunteers to help – whether helping out at an event or becoming a member of one of our committees.  If you are interested in becoming part of our team, please contact us for more information.