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15th Annual ULI Hines Student Competition is now accepting applications from student teams for the 2017 competition

Challenge students to create thriving communities with the ULI student urban design and development competition, sponsored by Gerald D. Hines.

unspecifiedSuccessful real estate development and design in the 21st century requires intensive collaboration across disciplines and sectors. In the ULI Hines Student Competition, students have the chance to form a five-person, multidisciplinary team in the United States or Canada and tackle a real land use challenge in a North American city.

The winning team receives $50,000 and the finalist teams receive $10,000 each. One representative from each finalist team gets an all-expenses-paid site tour in the selected competition city prior to the final presentation. All participating finalist students attend the all-expenses-paid final presentation in the host city to select the winner of the competition.

This is an ideas competition with no expectation that any of the submitted schemes will be applied to any site.  Deadline is December 5, 2016.

For more information, visit sandbox.uli.org/hines.

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