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Moving in a Livable Region: Dialogue for Complexity

ULI supports the unbiased and non-partisan exchange of ideas between private and public agencies to help provide solutions to local and regional issues. Similarly, Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue uses dialogue to generate non-partisan and constructive communication around difficult topics. Their Moving in a Livable Region (MLR) initiative evolved from an apparent need for a neutral space where diverse stakeholders could discuss issues around transportation and transit issues within Metro Vancouver.

In a two and a half year project, SFU staff working on MLR met with members bilaterally, and played a significant role in connecting members to each other, and providing a platform for collaboration. The consortium of businesses, organizations, local governments, and transportation leaders educated the public about transportation in the region ahead of the referendum vote. Martin Nielsen of DIALOG participated on the MLR membership on behalf of ULI BC.  Ahead of the referendum vote, MLR developed the educational campaign and prepared Metro Vancouver citizens and stakeholders for the referendum by providing information on transportation issues and funding options for the region in the context of the upcoming vote. This communications goal was designed to offer information, not to persuade or advocate for a ‘yes’ vote.

As a nonprofit research and education organization, ULI BC encourages and supports cross-disciplinary dialogue on land use in British Columbia. We congratulate SFU for their dedication to dialogue and we encourage you to read the full report here.

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