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ULI Case Study: Bullitt Center in Seattle

Bullitt CenterLocated just east of downtown Seattle, the Bullitt Center is a six-story green building built and owned by the Bullitt Foundation, a nonprofit philanthropic organization with a focus on the environment. To design a building that would reflect its values and mission, the foundation chose to meet the stringent requirements of the Living Building Challenge, which most closely resembled its scientific, ecology-based philosophy.

The Bullitt Center produces all of its electricity on site via a 14,000-square-foot rooftop photovoltaic array. A variety of methods are used in the building to conserve and manage water, including rainwater harvesting; a green roof and a bioswale to treat graywater; and composting toilets. Other green features include geothermal heating and cooling, the use of Forest Stewardship Council–certified wood, and the use of building materials and finishes that are free of 14 classes of toxic chemicals. In addition, although the building has no automobile parking spaces, there is ample bicycle parking in the basement and showers on every floor—except the first—for bicycle and jogging commuters.

In this Case Study from ULI, learn the entire development process behind the Bullitt Center.

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