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ULI Case Study and Tour: BG Group Place in Houston

BG Group PlaceWhen Hines executives first proposed developing a new office building on a blighted block in downtown Houston, many in the Texas city’s real estate community scratched their heads.

But the very negative image of the block and the immediate area was part of what compelled Hines to focus on the site. Executives believed that if they were successful, they could create value not only for Hines and its investment partner, but also for surrounding areas and the city.

Doubters aside, Hines proceeded with the development plans. With a focus on architecture and building quality, Hines not only developed a great new office building, but also stimulated a good deal of redevelopment and positive change in the surrounding blocks.

In this Case Study from ULI, learn the entire development process behind the 960,000-square-foot, 46-story BG Group Place, then tour the building before the ULI Spring Meeting in Houston.

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