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The White House’s “Housing Development Toolkit” references ULI!

The White House recently released a “Housing Development Toolkit” to tackle various housing concerns, including affordability and development.  ULI Terwilliger Center for Housing’s publication “Bending the Cost Curve – Solutions to Expand the Supply of Affordable Rentals” is referenced within the Toolkit, see section V, “Taking Action”, within the toolkit. An excerpt includes:

“A 2014 report by the Urban Land Institute concludes that “municipalities can facilitate more efficient development time frames and reduce costs by enabling more by-right development. This can be accomplished by relaxing restrictions related to density, building height, unit size, and parking minimums, thereby freeing developers from the need to seek waivers, variances, or rezoning.”

See a couple of media outlet links below for articles written on this Toolkit:

Forbes – September 26, 2016

The Urbanist – September 27, 2016


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