District of West Vancouver TAP

On April 11 and 12, 2013, ULI BC conducted a Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) with the District of West Vancouver at the Hollyburn Sailing Club. Located on the waterfront next to the Ambleside Park and within a short walk to the Ambleside Town Centre, the Hollyburn Sailing Club provides an important and well-used service to the community. After 50 years of operation, a re-envisioning of the building and uses on the site were sought so that the public goals of a continuous waterfront walkway can be achieved while the waterfront heritage continues its legacy.

District of West Vancouver TAP

The District of West Vancouver (DWV) is in the midst of an effort to enhance and reinvigorate its Ambleside Waterfront. The Hollyburn Sailing Club (HSC) has been an integral part of the West Vancouver waterfront for fifty years; however, the current facility is aging, blocks public access to the waterfront, and its boat storage area is not conducive to the image of the waterfront to which West Vancouver aspires. In response to this challenge, the DWV posed this question to ULI BC:

How might this 17,369 square feet (1,614 square metres) site accommodate a new clubhouse facility and incorporate other commercial or recreational uses while addressing community goals for public access along the waterfront?

To address the challenge, seven professionals formed the Panel bringing expertise in Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscape Design, Market Analysis, Transportation Engineering, and Foreshore Engineering. Panel deliberations were facilitated by a Project Visioning consultant and supported by three additional ULI BC members – a ULI BC Advisory Board member, a Young Leader, and a University graduate student.


Chris Fair, Resonance Consultancy Ltd. (TAP Chair/Facilitator)
Darryl Condon, Hughes Condon Marler Architects
Paul Lebofsky, Matrix Architecture & Planning Inc.
Derek Lee, PWL Partnership
Ross Blackwell, City of Campbell River
Brian Wallace, BWW Consulting
Dale Muir, Northwest Hydraulic
Jonathan Tinney, AECOM

The Panel was supported by:

Jim Cox, Surrey City Development Corporation (ULI BC Advisory Board Member)
Ruby Sandher, Township of Langley (ULI Young Leader Member)
Josh Taylor, UBC (ULI Student Member)

To learn more about this Panel, including the recommendations put forth, please download a copy of the full report.