North Shore Disability Resource Centre TAP

On June 13 and 14, 2016, ULI BC conducted a Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) with the North Shore Disability Resource Centre (NSDRC) in North Vancouver, BC. Founded over 40 years ago, the NSDRC serves approximately 2,000 individuals who live with disabilities on the North Shore of Vancouver. This TAP considered expanding affordable and accessible housing for the NSDRC.

The TAP experience:
“…Rewarding and invigorating…!”

North Shore Disability Resource Centre TAP

The North Shore Disability Resource Centre (NSDRC) was host to the Urban Land Institute British Columbia (ULI BC) Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) held on June 13th and 14th, 2016. The NSDRC was founded 40 years ago by a group of families and professionals and today serves approximately 2,000 people who live with disabilities on the North Shore of Vancouver.

The NSDRC residential services provides 11 group homes that support approximately 44 individuals requiring both independent and supported living. The homes are custom built, accessible, and were constructed over 40 years. Due to the age of the homes, significant renovation or upgrading is required. The home located at 951 Hendry Avenue in the District of North Vancouver was identified as most in need, and was the catalyst for exploring options on how and if the NSDRC-owned properties should be repaired, redeveloped, or sold to support an alternative housing model.

Expanding quality accessible and affordable housing on the North Shore forms the purpose of the TAP, with the Hendry Avenue property being the prototype for exploring options that can best serve the NSDRC and ultimately more people for years to come.

ULI BC wishes to thank the North Shore Disability Resource Centre for its commitment and support of the ULI BC TAP program, and the Panelists and Stakeholders who generously gave their time and thoughtful input.

Panel Chair/Facilitator:

Bruce Haden, Bruce Haden Architect Inc.


Andrew Evans, Deloitte Canada
Emer Nagle, KMBR Architects
Kate Lambert, IBI Group
Mandy Hansen, Insight Specialty Consulting
Michael Brown, Trillium Projects
Phil Chapman, Consultant
Sheryl Peters, BC Housing

To learn more about this Panel, including the recommendations put forth, please download a copy of the full report.